About Me

I‘m Ellie Johnson.

My professional background is in Marketing and Advertising. I have two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Advertising and one in Public Relations.

I spent 10 years working at an Education Technology company that specializes in Marketing for colleges and ended my career there as the Director of Operations.

I then took that expertise and applied it to my next adventure, direct sales.

I am now a Direct Seller myself who has taken to Facebook to grow a successful community. I grew a Facebook group to 8,000 members in 3 months.

A few things I have been able to accomplish for my business on Facebook are:

✔ I have had multiple months with $10,000+ in personal direct sales.

✔ I have had $550 in sales from one Facebook post.

✔ I have had $900 in sales from one live video.

✔ I have over 1,000 people in my Direct Selling VIP Group.

✔ I have had 100’s of comments on my Facebook posts.

✔ I make enough with my Direct Sales business to stay home with my two sons. some stuff

I am excited to get to know you!

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